The Wolfer


Do you have a mentor? Who inspires you in breaking and why?
Everything around me, friends, family... anything and everything that I connect with in my life affects me and my dance in many ways.

Describe your breaking style. What's your signature move (name and description)?
too much character, Flow, energetic, blow ups, powerfull, Animal...I have many signatures I really don't know how to describe them

How did you get your B-Boy name?
It was just by luck, when I was in school we had to read a story about animals and characters and my character was the wolf. I liked the name and my brother liked it too and he started to call me wolf and since then it grew, till it became The Wolfer

Can you describe the local Hip Hop/B-Boy scene in your country?
In Austria, I can say that the scene is growing up in many ways, people are much together and helping each other in many ways, also here we have better opportunities and you can easily connect with other countries; all what b-boys/b-girls/dancers and hip-hoppers need to do is to just put work into it and build it from there.

Does your crew have its own training spot?
We are 6 guys in the crew and we grew up together in Morocco, but now all of us are living in Europe, and when we are preparing for battles they come to Innsbruck and there we train in Street Motion Studio.

Have you overcome any obstacles in breaking? (professional, personal, artistic).
The obstacle in Morocco was the lack of opportunities, not much opportunities are there, and also not enough good places where you can practice and focus on your art, also not many people respect what we do, for most people somehow we are just playing around, so it's very rare when people take you seriously because they are not so educated and they are too busy to earn their living.
In Austria, the standard is different, people are educated and there are better chances and many opportunities — all you need is just to show up!

What does breaking represent to you (e.g. a sport, a lifestyle, etc.)?
It's all in one, and that's the beauty of it, you can treat it as art or sport or lifestyle or hobby or anything else, it's up to you. For me it's the same if I'm chilling -- I take it easy and just have fun with it. If I'm preparing for competition I treat it as a sport, " like athletes say: Think Street, Train Sport ", if I'm in the theatre or any other places it's my art and my way to tell my stories and express my feeling...

How do you prepare for a competition like Red Bull BC One?
I just train as much as possible and always push myself to the limits and in many different aspects of breaking, from drilling, conditioning to understanding the music, flowing, good nutritious...

Have you participated in a Red Bull BC One event(s) before? If so, which ones (country and year)?
I've already won the Red Bull BC one Morocco Cypher 2014 and I lost in the final of the regions of Africa and the Middle East.

Looking at your overall dance career, what are you the proudest of?
I'm so proud to come from where I come from and be able to achieve my goals and dreams. Not everyone does that, especially from where I come from.

What is your battle strategy to claim the spot at the Last Chance Cypher?
Stay calm, stay clean, be on point and create surprises!

Anything we should know about you:
I just got married! Haha!