Uzee Rock


B-Boy Uzee Rock doing a signature freeze

Officially a citizen of Ukraine but born in the city of Blagoveshensk, in Russia, B-Boy Uzee Rock is a member of Tatanaka, H-Blast and Originality Stands Alone crew.

Uzee started breaking in 2001 at the age of 13, getting into the dance through the music, vibe and people around him who were into hip-hop culture. He taught himself breaking by watching videos and going to hip-hop events and conferences.

Inspired by a long list of things, including Jesus Christ, nature, animals, cartoons, music, happy and talented people, his ancestors experiences, his crews, his family and the life he lives, Uzee Rock says that in his style he's a master of, rocking, footwork, threading, and storytelling, as well as being an "unsurpassed improviser." He calls his style, "Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun."

Uzee Rock has proud of a long list of wins and achievements in his breaking career. These including winning the 2009 and 2010 solo battle at the Yalta Summer Jam, winning the 2016 V1 solo competition in Saint Petersburg, Russia and winning the 2017 IBE crew battle.

Outside of breaking what's important to Uzee Rock is his family, travelling and improving as a person. With no permanent place of residence right now as a result of the civil war in the Donbass region of Ukraine, Uzee says he's a man of the world, having been to over 50 countries and still travelling, with breaking definitely a firm fixture of his future.