B-Girl Sunny

From Cookeville, Tennessee, B-Girl Sunny started breaking in 2008, when she was 20 years old.

Looking for something fun to do while at college in Philadelphia, Sunny came across the B-Boys on campus and got invited to a popping class. After the popping class she stayed to try out breaking and has been practising the dance ever since.

Sunny was inspired, and taught the basics of breaking, by Philly B-Boys from crews like Repstyles and Illadelph Phlave, who emphasised strong foundation and good technique to her. From this, Sunny developed a style that she says is traditional, and in which she always tries to dance in a way that fits how her body naturally moves, while also trying to challenge herself.

Even though Sunny has won quite a few competitions in her breaking career, like the 2015 Outbreak Europe B-Girl solo battle, she's most grateful for the opportunity to travel, dance and share within the worldwide breaking community. Always dancing with a smile on her face, for Sunny more important than winning a single battle are the lessons learned from people in the community that help her to be a better person.

Also a full-time creative project manager, who loves food and likes to read and cook, Sunny sees dance as something that will always be a part of her life, even if it's another style over breaking in the future. And maybe one day she'll open her own dance studio or a café.