Red Bull BC One Cypher France 2018 Winner Shlag

Hugo was born in the south of France in 1990. His father was gymnastic teacher and he iniated him quite early to this discipline. At 8 years old, he became champion of his region. Shlag discovered breakdance at 12 in Tours with the help of Andry Rajamoaria, a hip hop activist.
Dance became his passion and when is family moved to paris in 2005, he integrated the crew « Chasseurs de primes » with which he started to battle in national and international competitions in crew or alone. In 2013, he moves to australia as street performer.
When he came back in 2014, he won the breakdance vice-champion title in France with his crew and he started to perform in dance shows, working with gabin nuissier (choreagrpaher of aktuel Force), Yaman Okur or Iffra Dia.
Thanks to his creativity, hugo started to developp his own movements with power, flexibility and fluidity. These forces help him to have a atypical and technical dance.