San Andrea


B-Girl San Andrea

Born in Toulon, France, B-Girl San Andrea is a member of Rockerz Delight crew and started breaking in 2009, at the age of 13.

San Andrea became fascinated with breaking after watching her brother train, so she asked him to teach her some of the basics.

Inspired by her crew and people that she meets when travelling, San Andrea loves the technique and dance aspects of breaking, and is constantly looking for new directions and ways to create in her dance. She sees it like creating a painting full of different forms and colours.

In her career as a competitive B-Girl, San Andrea is proud of a number of her achievements including winning B-Girl France in 2015, being a finalist in the B-Girl solo battle at Outbreak Europe in 2016 and winning the 2018 France Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier.

Also enjoying things outside of breaking like cooking, drawing and other forms of dance, such as contemporary, San Andrea sees breaking as her future and already earns a living from the dance, working with hip-hop and contemporary companies.

Breaking is San Andrea's passion and she hopes to live the lifestyle for a long time.