Primary Soul

Korea, South

B-Girl Primary Soul in South Korea

From South Korea, B-Girl Primary Soul started breaking when she was 16 years old.

She fell in love with hip-hop music at 15 years old when she was first introduced to 2Pac's music, and then saw breaking as the best way to express herself.

Inspired by OG breakers like Crazy Legs, Easy Rock and Beta, Primary Soul learned a lot from dancing in cyphers and has a spontaneous, explosive, moves-based style.

Among her many achievements, Primary Soul is the winner of the R-16 We Bgirlz solo battle, the 2009 Taipei All The Way Live B-Girl battle and the 2018 Korea Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier.

Through her family Primary Soul gains motivation in life as a B-Girl, with breaking and hip-hop music being everything to her, as she says, "I think I was born to be part of the hip-hop culture. I love B-Girling and music so much. It is what makes my existence and I will choose the same path if I were to be born again. It is my everything."