B-Girl Paulina

From Wroclaw, Poland, B-Girl Paulina is a member of Breaknuts crew and has been breaking since 2004.

Paulina first discovered breaking on TV when she saw it in the Bomfunk MC's music video for Freestyler. She then saw the 2003 Polish Battle of the Year event on TV and was inspired by seeing the dance. After that she decided to start breaking on her own and later met some other breakers who took her for an official practice session in the Culture Centre, a place where Paulina still practises sometimes today.

Paulina says that B-Boy Poe One has been the most important teacher in her breaking career, as he always opens new levels in her dance, and inspires and motivates her to be a better dancer and person.

With dozens of wins in her breaking career, Paulina's achievements include winning the Outbreak Europe B-Girl solo battle twice, in 2014 and 2016, and the Unbreakable B-Girl seven-to-smoke battle twice. She is also proud of her ability to travel the world and share her dance and knowledge with people, and loves receiving messages from dancers who tell her how she's inspired and motivated them.

Footwork, transitions, freezes, music and freestyle are all important elements of Paulina's breaking style, which she also fills with her own original ideas, moves and details to fully express who she is.

Paulina has a Masters in Economics and, with it being hard to make a career in dance alone, she'd like to open her own business one day. But breaking is, and will always be, an important part of her life; from teaching to travelling, working out and helping her to develop new skills. Her family are also very important to her, especially her father and brother.