Narumi on the Floor

From Kyoto, Japan, B-Girl Narumi is a member of Body Carnival crew and started breaking when she was 20 years old.

Narumi wasn't a very good, well-behaved teenager growing up and wanted to change her life. She tried a lot of things, from skateboarding and snowboarding to surfing and more, before she finally picked dance.

Narumi was taught by Ichigeki crew from Japan and sees originality as one of the most important aspects of breaking. In her own style, Narumi creates moves to show people her personality in the expression of her dance.

When it comes to her breaking career, Narumi is proud of going to B-Boy Summit in America, as that was her first trip outside of Japan. Battle of the Year is also special for her crew, especially as they competed in the Japanese qualifier nine times before finally winning to make it to the finals in Germany. Narumi has also done a South East Asia tour in 2017 with her sister, Ayumi , to give back by supporting the local scenes in each country. The tour turned breaking into more than just a dance life for Narumi.

Trying new things outside of breaking, plus making time for family and friends, are important to Narumi. She would also love to open a coffee shop or community place one day, so when her friends from around the world come to Japan they have a place to gather and chill, even if they've retired from breaking by then.

For Narumi dance and personality are similar things and as you grow as a person, you can grow as a dancer.