Mini Japa


B-Girl Mini Japa wins the B-Girl Cypher in Brazil 2018

From Belém, Brazil, B-Girl Mini Japa is a member of Amazon crew and has been breaking since 2009.

Mini Japa found breaking when she was taking theatre lessons at school. She met some B-Boys in the classes who then started to teach her to break, and she ended up leaving the theatre to pursue dance because she found that she identified with it from the beginning.

Mini Japa is inspired by those around her, including her mother, who has always supported her, the dancers that have been with her throughout her breaking journey, and her friends and teachers, B-Boys Kave and Kila from MSL Crew, and B-Girl FabGirl from BSB crew.

In her style Mini Japa strives to be original and to dance with swagger and good posture when battling. She'is also the winner of the 2018 Brazil Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier.

Dance is something that is in Mini Japa's soul, and she'd love to help others gain inspiration for a better life, as she has herself.