Junior participated in the RED BULL BC ONE in 2004 and 2005. He won 3rd place in 2004 and was a judge at the 3rd edition in Brazil. The "Extraterrestrial," commands attention with his style, strength and originality.

Junior was a kid who was always full of irrepressible energy. As a five year old, fresh from Zaire in Central Africa, he would literally jump at the chance to dance, walk on his hands, clown around and do acrobatics whenever there was an audience.

One day in 1997, he saw breakers in a TV show and realized that what they were doing was similar to what he did and he started learning to break, an art, which proved to suit him perfectly. In 1998, Junior met breakers Jeff and Rudy, who taught him the basics and helped him progress rapidly.

In 2000, Junior finished in 1st place in the crews category in the Breizh Battle in the Brittany Championships. Having conquered his region he went on to become the Joint Champion of France with a breaker from Rennes called Bruce. In addition to battling, Junior aka BUANA, danced with rap groups High Tech Killer and Suzujia (SBC) from St. Malo and Rennes and taught Hip Hop dance all over the region.

In 2001, he met the Wanted Posse and immediately, joined forces with them. Together they won the 2001 French Championships. Representing France at the World Breaking Championship "Battle of the Year" in Germany, the crew was victorious after an amazing finale against the Koreans. In 2002, Buana took part in the videos Rohff and Big Red and got down to business in various shows and battles including winning the Star Break Battle in Rennes and taking 2nd place in the European Battle in Lyon. On his second trip to the States, he won first place in the category Abstraction Style at the B-Boy Master Pro in Miami. In 2004 Wanted Posse won the World B-Boy Championship in the Wembley Arena in London. Many other victories followed.

You will be able to find Junior all over the world performing, battling, and teaching workshops. His style is original, powerful and full of musical energy. He is a very positive person and describes his battle strategy as a mixture of freestyling, good vibes, and having fun. He's been inspired by all the people who invent their own moves and maintain a peaceful attitude.

Junior loves the possibilities of Hip Hop as a culture. You can be who you want and express yourself. You can start with nothing and become somebody. But he also is aware of the risk that comes with being successful. If too much money is involved it ruins the spirit of the culture.

Junior wants to see B-Boying improve and grow. He is proud to be part of the Red Bull BC One again.