Born in California, raised in Vancouver, Canada, and now residing in Phoenix, Arizona. B-Girl JK47 is a member of Diamonds crew.

She started breaking in 1998, at the age of 8 years old, getting into breaking because of her older sister, who was a B-Girl.

Naming B-Girl Invertabrat from Vancouver as her mentor, JK47 has a breaking style that she describes as, "traditional but detail-oriented and fluid."

One of JK47's proudest breaking achievements isn't a win, but organising the event SHINE, in Vancouver. It was the first event in Vancouver to have B-Girls from across Canada, the USA and Japan, who all battled it out to receive a spot in the B-Girl City competition in Houston.

JK47 is the winner of the 2018 USA Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier and has also won competitions such as the 2017 Ladies of Hip Hop solo B-Girl battle and the 2012 IBE 2v2 B-Girl battle.

With her friends and family being important parts of her life, JK47 plans to keep breaking in the future. Even if the intensity with which she breaks changes, she wants to always be a part of the breaking culture and the community.