From Madrid, Spain, B-Boy Chey is a member of Electro Duendes and Arcopom crew.

Chey's father was one of the first generation of B-Boys in Spain and was the reason that, in 2005, Chey started breaking. When Chey started he had very limited access to the internet and he didn't have enough money to travel, so his main breaking influences were the B-Boys from his city and his crew.

Having travelled since those early days, Chey is the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017 Red Bull BC One Spain Cypher winner. He also won Best Show with his crew, Arcopom, at the 2015 Battle of the Year international event.

A B-Boy who likes to improvise with his movements and musicality at all times, Chey's also an artistic performer who describes his breaking style as a fusion of the styles he's learned during his artistic career, which include popping, locking, salsa and contemporary.

For Chey, breaking represents his own beginnings and the style that best represents him, even though he dances other styles as well, saying that, "It ends up covering a great part of my daily routine, either through training, competition or just having fun."