From Kyoto, Japan, B-Girl Aymui is a member of the animated and energetic Body Carnival crew.

Ayumi started breaking at the age of 21, inspired to try dancing after watching her older sister, B-Girl Narumi.

Before she got into breaking Ayumi was shy and quiet, but on the dance floor she becomes a different person and credits breaking for helping her to express her personality more openly in a way she never could before.

Now having been breaking for over a decade, Ayumi has won a number of battles, both as an individual and with her crew, including the 2013 B-irl solo battle at Hip Opession in France, the 2015 Dragon Style Anniversary Footwork battle in China, the 2015 Freestyle session 2v2 B-Girl battle alongside Narumi, and the 2017 Outbreak Europe 2v2 battle.

Her style is a combination of footwork, ground moves, power moves and tricks, which she puts together in a playful, energetic, free-flowing way, while always hitting the beat with unexpected freezes.

Ayumi is also forever in the history books as the first B-Girl to ever be invited to take part in the Red Bull BC One World Finals, in which she competed in 2017.