From Saitama, Japan, B-Girl Ami is a member of Good Foot crew. She started breaking in 2009, at the age of 10, because she wanted to learn how to do windmills, which is still her favourite breaking move.

For Ami it's important to always be cool and clean in her dance, which is evident in the smooth flow of her foundational, footwork, burns and power moves-based style.

Ami has been taught by some of the best B-Boys to come out of Japan, with her first teacher was B-Boy Katsu-One, and then B-Boys Taisuke and Wata. All three are breakers that Ami respects and takes a lot of inspiration from.

In terms of competitions, Ami has won the 2017 Silverback Open solo B-Girl competition, the 2017 Undisputed World B-Boy series solo B-Girl competition, and the 2016 Battle of the Year 2v2 B-Girl competition. It's this last one that's she's most proud of winning, as she did it with her sister, B-Girl Ayu.

Ami is a B-Girl who focuses on the now, but whatever the future holds when she gets old she still wants to keep breaking for fun.