Juste Debout set Paris on Fire

Juste Debout’s 15th anniversary set Paris on fire, including a grand opening by the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Majid & Ukay made it to the top in the most anticipated category: Hip-Hop.

The AccorHotel Arena (formerly Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy) was packed with 7,000 dance-addicts for the 2017 edition of Juste Debout. Specialising in hip-hop to house, popping, locking, experimental and dancehall, some of the best dancers in the world hit the stage.

Heading to Paris as a new step in their French Tour, the Red Bull BC One All Stars celebrated Juste Debout's 15th anniversary in their own way.

Lilou, Neguin, Lil G, Hong 10, Taisuke and Ronnie opened the Juste Debout finals by delivering a bunch of solo performances, demonstrating their incredible mastery of the fundamentals: style, personality and musicality. That was just a style lesson...

The atmosphere was explosive as soon as the contest began: thousands of street-dance fans headed to the south-east of Paris in order to watch the masters of Dancehall, Experimental, House, Locking, Popping and Hip-Hop battling under the eye of an international jury of experts: Kapela (France), Scoo B Doo (USA), Boogaloo Kin (South Korea), Ben Wichert (Germany). When you face that kind of jury as a dancer, there's no time for joking: from Locking to Hip-Hop to Experimental, it's all about dancing, being musical and stylish. This is why Ismael & Nadiah (winners in Dancehall), Babou Flex (winner in Experimental), Hiro & Miyu (House winners), Vovan & Funky J (winners in Locking) and Hoan & Jaygee (winners In Popping) made it to the top : they truly were the best in their category.

The Hip-Hop battle -the last of the day- was one of the most anticipated of all: Stylez C & Diablo faced Majid & Ukay in a fight where style and technical skills were the only important things. According to the jury, but also to the crowd, Majid & Ukay were the best, reaching the top under thunderous applause: "I do not have much to add, except that Juste Debout is probably one of the most important competitions we wanted to win", told us one half of the duo after the victory, hiding under his white dreadlocks while being surrounded by journalists, microphones and cameras.

If you didn't have the chance to be there, don't worry. We've got you covered. Watch the whole event exclusively on Red Bull TV.