Get ready for the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final

The B-Girl Battle at the BC One Camp Japan 2017
For the first time in BC One history, the 16 best B-girls on the planet will battle it out to be crowned the Red Bull BC One B-Girl champion.

Last year, b-girl Ayumi made history by being the first B-Girl invited to guest at the Red Bull BC One World Final. This year, we're taking the next step and are proud to introduce the Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final. 16 of the leading ladies of breaking will be invited to compete and find out who reigns supreme to be crowned Queen of the B-girls.

This new B-girl battle is meant to be a display of the finest styles and skills that the international scene has to offer, and considering the unstoppable rise of the B-Girls, in numbers and skills, this battle should be must-watch part of this year's Red Bull BC One World Final.

The first part of the BC One B-girl battle will take place on September 27, where dancers will battle out the round of 16 and quarter-finals. The semi-finals and all-important final will be held during the BC One World Final on September 29 in Zurich, Switzerland.

And this are the competitors:

  • Sunny (USA)
  • Roxy (UK)
  • Sarah Bee (France)
  • Kate (Ukraine)
  • Primary Soul (South Korea)
  • JK47 (USA)
  • Ami (Japan)
  • Ayumi (Japan)
  • Mess (Russia)
  • Paulina (Poland)
  • Kastet (Russia)
  • Mini Japa (Brazil)
  • Narumi (Japan)
  • AT (Finland)
  • Sayora (Kazakhstan)
  • San Andrea (France)