DJ Fleg on the road to Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher

Stephen Fleg aka DJ Fleg is currently one of the most popular Break DJ's. Hailing from Baltimore USA DJ Fleg is no stranger to flying. Every year he tours Europe to play at some of the biggest B-Boy events. We caught him on his way to Austria

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
Headed to spin Austria BC One.

Will it be the first time you visit this?
No, I've been to Austria many times thanks to my homies Cosmic and Mike Tike. Both are really great guys who have been doing big things for the Austrian scene. They really know how to put a shrimp on the barbie...

Who (what) do you leave behind when you go on your next trip?
I have a special lady I'm leaving behind and my crew, my Baltimore fam. who I see all around the city.

Is it easy or hard for them you being away?
I don't know you'd have to ask them.

What is your favorite airport?
Amsterdam Schiphol.

1) It has a funny name according to Roy from the Ruggeds
2) The food options in the main area of the airport are great.
3) It means either I'm going to, or just left Amsterdam which is a great thing

When you fly do you prefer a Window or aisle seat?
Window if it's a shorter flight and I know I'm gonna sleep. Aisle if it's a longer flight and I know I'm going to need to get up.

I don't leave the house without...
This may seem strange but here are some things that are always with me every trip:

1) A gold unicorn ring
2) An ornate quartz necklace that was giving to me in a drunken haze at a party in Mexico that is supposed to be a good traveling omen
3) A Cedar necklace from my sister who is from the Navajo nation. Cedar is seen as a good luck/spirit for traveling
4) Earplugs

Best (B-Boy) travel companion(s)?
I always have a grand time when I go on a trip with my crew, especially Toyz. We always have a great time and know how to make light of the situations that would normally raise my stress level. Once, we were in Taiwan and the tire blew out on our car and it spun around at 60 mph, across 4 lanes of a highway, all the way to the other side of the road until we hit a guardrail. We narrowly escaped hitting this truck, which could've meant serious injury or death. Immediately after the incident, Toyz turns to me and says, "that was hot." hahahahahaha.

I also travel a lot with Lean Rock and Nasty Ray, and we end up doing things like stuffing tangerines in people's shirts.

Your personal travel advice to other dancers?
Get away from Hip Hop!!!! I love Hip Hop and the scene and all that, but one of the best things you can do in a new place is escape that comfort and temptation and go experience the people and culture in an another place. Once, I ended up meeting a Jewish Japanese guy in Tokyo who's house was shaped like a dog. He invited me in for some tea, told me a fantastical story about his run in with the last Samurai and then I escaped into the night. True story. Not possible though unless you follow the wind and get out of the straight Hip Hop lifestyle.