6 reasons you should go to the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Final

The Arena of BC One in Rome
The 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals is almost here and there are plenty reasons to get yourself to Zurich, Switzerland to see it live.

In 2004, the first ever BC One World Championship took place in the city of Biel, Switzerland. This year, for three days from September 27–29, Red Bull BC One returns to Switzerland for the 2018 world finals in Zurich, where an extravaganza of a camp awaits that will culminate in the epic battle to see who'll be crowned 2018 Red Bull BC One world champion.

If you need any more convincing that you need to get yourself to the Swiss capital, here's a rundown of reasons why you should be at the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

1. Apart from the BC One World Finals itself, the 3 days are completely free
Yep, the only thing you have to buy a ticket for is the BC One World Finals on Saturday night and the Saturday night afterparty. Apart from that, everything else happening over the three days is completely free, with no entry ticket needed.

Check out the complete camp program here.

2. There's multiple open battles to enter
If you're a B-boy, B-girl, Popper, Hip Hop Freestyle dancer or a House dancer, wanting to get down, jam, cypher and battle whilst you're Zurich, you're in luck because there's open entry for battles in; 1vs1 Top Rock with Footwork, 2vs2 Hip Hop, 1vs1 Popping, 1vs1 Power moves battle, and the famous 2vs2 'Break Down the House' battle.

Sign up for the battles. Spots are limited.

3. Talks and education
If you're a student of hip-hop dance culture and want to learn more and discuss relevant topics and issues in the scene today, there are panel talks and lectures going down throughout the three days where you can study up.

4. Witness B-girl history being made
For the first time in history, a B-girl Red Bull BC One World Championship competition is part of the show in Zurich. 16 of the best B-girls from around the world – who either won their country's qualifier or were invited – will battle it out to see who will claim the inaugural Red Bull BC One B-girl world title.

There's also the Last Chance Cypher, where all the Red Bull BC One Cypher winners from around the world will battle to see who takes the 16th and final spot in the Red Bull BC One World Finals, as well as the Continental Battle; a set of exhibition battles where the Last Chance Cypher competitors are split into teams according to the region that their country is in. They'll then battle against each other in their crews, with no judges, winners or losers – solely to showcase their style and the diversity of worldwide talent that's brought together for this contest.

5. Workshops
If you're a dancer wanting to learn some new moves in Zurich, there are over 10 workshops going down. All styles are covered, with well-known dancers instructing, including workshops with Walid and Kapela, the legends Link and Storm, Top rock champion B-boy Ynot, and world champion Popper, Greenteck.

Sign up for the workshops. Spots are limited.

6. Hip-hop markets and exhibitions

And if you just want to chill and maybe buy some fly hip-hop merch, the Hip-Hop Market will be open all three days, with other exhibitions as well.

On top of all that, you've got the buzz, vibe and the excitement of everyone coming together in the beautiful city of Zurich to celebrate their love for hip-hop and dance culture. It's sure to be three crazy days.

So who's coming? See you in Zurich from Thursday, September 27.

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)