Victor Montalvo, from Orlando, Florida, describes his style as fun, free, and energetic. He combines what he calls "blow-ups" and "POW" moves to create a wow factor in his dance.

Victor grew up around B-Boying and, looking up to his father who encouraged his pursuit of the art, he started dancing at the age of 11. He is inspired by both the old and new generation of B-Boys.

Victor typically executes small, planned moves to start off with, then breaks into a larger, more eventful freestyle dance for the rest of his battles.

Although Victor does not practice any other elements of Hip Hop, he wants to break into all the segments, especially popping and graffiti. Victor comes from a Mexican background, where his family supports and loves his interest in B-Boying. The Orlando scene acts as his close family as well.

Victor would love to continue to B-Boy to make a living. Right now, he works part-time at Street Breaks in Orlando. To him, a good dancer should, "be humble, always keep learning and always think like a a student. There's no room for jealousy, or ego," he says. "Just do and worry about you. Be positive."

2015 was a great year for him