Thias Kem Lopez, aka Thesis, began B-Boying at the young age of seven. He reflects, "Hip Hop is the first thing I can remember. Introduced at a very young age," he said. "I saw it as a break from all the stress in life. Even then, I saw freedom in it and I took it because it just made sense to me. It made me feel complete."

He competed at the Red Bull BC One World Final in 2009 and 2014. While not every parent is encouraging when a child's unique ambition is to become a professional B-Boy, Thesis is grateful to have had major support from his mother and stepfather. He admits, "Without them I really wouldn't be where I'm at today." When he was nine, his mother gave him his B-Boy name. He explains: "Thesis means that you're proving a point...Do the math!"

Thesis is of Mexican and Native American descent and feels that he is privileged in this way. "The rhythm is in my blood! I can feel it" he adds. Since 2005, Thesis has taken titles everywhere from his birthplace in Phoenix, Arizona, to The Netherlands, to his hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Thesis appears on battle DVDs such as B-Boy Ho-Down 2006 and IBE 2008. While he works full time as a B-Boy, Thesis enjoys critical writing and is interested in learning to DJ. Very experimental with movement, he has tried salsa, house and modern dance as well as capoeira in an effort to incorporate them into his B-Boying and complete his style. On the battlefield, Thesis is confident that if a B-Boy is well rounded, uses this quality wisely, it would be impossible for him to lose. Maintaining his stamina and having fun when battling is essential for him. He describes his battle strategy as: "Just play your own game and win it." He focuses on not allowing his opponents to try to defeat him psychologically.