Lussy Sky


Do you have a mentor? Who inspires you in breaking and why?
I never had a mentor, but as the time went by I had people who were supporting and inspiring me in one way or another. My biggest inspiration is my crew.

Describe your breaking style. What's your signature move (name and description)?
My style is built on footwork in combination with speed and musicality. I am known for a lot of original elements, one of them I call "the train", when I slide on my knees.

How did you get your B-Boy name?
Lussy (Lesyk) is one of the spoken variations of my name, Oleksandr, in Ukraine. But the full name Lussy Sky comes from The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". There were always speculations that the first letter of each of the title nouns of that song intentionally spelled LSD, however Lennon insisted that the song's fantastical imagery was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Both associations work with my breaking style – fascinating and addictive.

Can you describe the local Hip Hop/B-Boy scene in your country? Does your crew have its own training spot?
Hip Hop scene in Ukraine is very strong and getting to a more and more professional level every year. New people come, and they are young and hungry and that is a very promising sign for potential greatness. Currently our crew does not have own training spot, but we're are planning to open one in near future. I plan to store my RedBull BC One Trophy there one day.

Have you overcome any obstacles in breaking? (professional, personal, artistic).
In 2009 I had to quit college in order to devote all of my time to breaking. Not everyone was supportive of that decision in my family, but I knew that it was the only way for me to become world-class B-Boy.

What does breaking represent to you (e.g. a sport, a lifestyle, etc.)?
I live and breathe breaking. My whole world is spinning around breaking and hip hop. It is the best lifestyle a man can have.

How do you prepare for a competition like Red Bull BC One?
I think the only way to prepare for the competition of this caliber is to be in "battle mode" all the time. You have to travel and compete around the world without making any special preparation breaks. Only by battling you can be on top of your game, and have the right mind-set to win. If you are invited to Red Bull BC One – you already have what it takes to win, now you simply have to bring it to the floor.

Have you participated in a Red Bull BC One event(s) before. If so, which ones (country and year).
I participated in Ukraine cyphers in 2013 and 2014. To be invited to the main stage of a Red Bull BC One this year is a true honor and a dream come true.