Kid Colombia


Kid Colombia - Performance

B-Boying is the only way for me to really express myself. I would describe my style as energetic and full of power. My B-Boy name is Kid Colombia. I've got this name by one of my crews, Hustle Kidz from Holland. I have several B-Boys that are my inspirations. For instance B-Boy Neguin, B-Boy Lil G, B-Boy Kill and B-Boy Pocket.

I think the scene in Holland is one of the best ones. The level here is very high and it's good to see it's still growing to a more professional way. I would definitely say that B-Boying improves my life. Because of the fact that I'm dancing I am able to travel the world and get to know other people and cultures. I experience a lot of things and the dancing keeps me fit. Next to B-Boying I'm also active in doing Fitness. I have some goals for the future I want to achieve. Two of them are winning the Red Bull BC One and to win the World Powermoves Series.