Issei Horei - Action

Issei started dancing at the young age of six and was introduced to B-Boying when he was still in kindergarten. A friend brought him to an event held at Dance Studio, which he still uses today, and got him into dancing. Inspired by Kid from Imperial JB, Issei learned a lot about B-Boying and decided to pursue a career even though his parents told him to quit dancing when he was in secondary school. Being able to connect with new people from around the world through dancing, without being able to speak the same language, is what he loves the most. Breaking represents his life – something he can best express himself with!

At the Red Bull BC One World Final in Nagoya, Issei will focus on his signature move – the Power Move, which still flows well with the music – and the other moves he perfects (16-beat A tracks, Bye-Bye, Tsubame Gaeshi) to cut through with the beats and beat his rival dancers. Issei is quite familiar with Red Bull BC One having participated in the world final 2012, the Asia Pacific final 2013, and the Japan regional finals in 2013, 2014, 2015. Capitalizing on his strengths – his stamina of being able to dance 3 rounds full throttle – Issei's strategy going into the world final is to be how he usually is and dive into the competition. Three consecutive times world cup title holder, Issei claims he's no genius nor was born with a strong physique, but practicing can make anyone the best B-Boy in the world!