An icon for the Finnish street dance culture and ambassador of the Finnish Hip Hop culture, Focus has been dancing for over 20 years and has won over 50 battles. He has been teaching workshops for thousands of dancers all around the world and judged the biggest street dance battles in the world such as Red Bull BC One, Battle of the Year, R-16 and Juste Debout. Triple Circle Kingz World Champion, Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Champion, first European Official Conrete Battle Champion, he's one of the founding members of Flow Mo crew and Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School.

Focus got interested in breaking after seeing older kids getting down at a school party back in 1995. Then, he soon found a teacher, 80's B-Boy called Mikko, with whom he formed their first crew. He describes his style as funky and clean, Finnish flow with an original touch. His signature moves are the Focus foot slide, footwork dive and Focus freeze. Breaking represents a lifestyle, a beautiful culture and a strong worldwide community to him.

Familiar to Red Bull BC One (he battled in the Western Europe finals in Italy, 2013), Focus is always training to keep it steady and battling people in circles as often as possible to prepare for the world final in Nagoya. Returning to Japan for the third time (he's been to Tokyo in 2014 & 2015), he will meditate his way through the days before the battle then bring the heat whenever it's needed. His experience, dance skills, freestyle, and battle skills will be important assets while keeping it funky with a few surprises to claim the title!