Cheerito - Performance

Evgeny Pervushkin, aka Cheerito, first saw breaking on TV in 2001, but he didn't start B-Boying until three years later. Cheerito is known for his remarkable flexibility, incorporating elements of salsa and house dance into his breaking.

Cheerito learned how to do a freeze chair, so his friends called him "Cheervyak," which means "worm" in English. He learned to stoop more later, and his nickname Cheerito was born.

Cheerito is obsessed with both dance and music. He DJs and spends his time dancing, consuming music and with his girlfriend. To Cheerito, "a happy life just means more dance! I would be happy if I could continue to dance and travel 10 years from now!" He added that he doesn't have the chance to teach, because of his hectic travel schedule.

Hip Hop is gaining popularity in Russia, according to Cheerito. New styles, from rap to breaking, appear over time. It's now possible to travel with the dance and earn a living from it, as many championships and jams are held across his home country. The level has really bumped up as a result, and that obviously makes Cheerito happy.

To Cheerito, a good B-Boy is one with good musicality, and his own method and approach. That's how a new style emerges. Cheerito is also proud to be a part of Red Bull BC One.

"I saw Red Bull BC One for the first time in 2004. I was very impressed because there weren't many battles like that where great guys from all over the world came together and danced," says Cheerito. "From then on out, I followed this event every year."