Las Vegas' Benstacks describes his breaking style as explosive, but controlled, mixing B-Boy foundation with innovative movements inspired by all art forms. His signature moves include low, animal-style transitions and double aerials.

The first time he saw B-Boying was when Teen Wolf did a backspin. His interest in dancing was inspired by a love of other elements of Hip Hop, like graffiti art and DJing.

The B-Boys that inspired him were all from the mid-'90s crews, like Style Elements, Rock Steady, Circle of Fire, and Battle Squad.

Benstacks is also a dancer in the Jabbawockeez show in Las Vegas. The project has inspired him to look deeper into my musicality and freestyle movements, and working on choreography for the show has definitely helped expand his dance vocabulary. He also loves teaching advanced workshops for B-Boys and B-Girls.

Benstacks' goal is to keep pushing breaking as an art form. "I want B-Boys to be more respected as true artists," he adds. "My family has been supportive of my dancing once they saw my determination. I lost my mom last year to cancer but she was so proud of all my success and all the work I put in. She always told me to thank God that I am able to dance, and every time I dance, I do just that."

The talent is amazing in Las Vegas, according to Benstacks, but they still struggle to get the community involved. The B-Boy scene there is growing and they have some of the best dancers in the country.