All the missing pieces for the Red Bull BC One World Final on Saturday are now here

The Wolfer take the win in the Last Chance Cypher

Red Bull BC One Camp Switzerland, Day 1

We experienced the first day of hard-fought battles, enlightening classes and incredible hip-hop vibes at the Komplex 457.

Dancers and dance-lovers from all over the world are gathered in Zurich at the moment to be part of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2018.
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Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final Top 4 Preselection
This year Zurich is hosting the first ever BC One B-Girl World Final, with 16 B-Girls coming from all over the world to fight for the world title. After two rounds, four of the best B-Girls fought their way to the big stage in Hallenstadion, where they will battle in the semi final and final rounds on Saturday. These are the names of the ladies who reigned supreme on today's Top 4 selection:

  • San Andrea, France
  • Ayumi, Japan
  • Ami, Japan
  • Narumi, Japan
Ayumi in the battle against Sarah Bee

(photo by Dean Treml)

Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher
In the Last Chance Cypher we saw the champions of the regional BC One Cyphers and the winner of the Red Bull BC One E-Battles go head to head in the knock-out battles. The Wolfer from Austria secured his spot in the BC One World Finals by defeating Belgian B-Boy Tirock with superior style and stamina.

Wolfer goes hard in the battle against Tirock

(photo by Romina Amato)

Make sure to tune in to the Red Bull BC One World Final Live Stream on Saturday, September 29 9:30 pm CEST.

Below we have the battle brackets from today, for the B-Girls and the B-Boys.