Red Bull BC One USA Camp

Red Bull BC One USA Camp
USA 26-28 Apr

Apr 26, 2018 21:00:00 +0000

21:00 26-28 Apr | Local Time

21:00 26-28 Apr | GMT

April 26-28, the Red Bull BC One Camp lands in Houston, Texas. A 3-day event focused on dance lovers and rising dance stars, the weekend will be packed with workshops, lectures, competitions, and special events. BC One Camp Houston will feature an array of workshop topics, from breaking to popping to hip-hop, as well as multiple competitions, including b-girl and all-styles battles - not to mention the ultimate in breaking, the Red Bull BC One Cypher - whose winner will go on to compete for a spot at the world final.

B-Girl Cypher Judges:
Jeskilz, Baby Girl, Crazy Legs. All Styles Battle Judges: Angyil, Les Twins, Greenteck. BC One Cypher: Ronnie, Roxrite, Marlon Marley Kavikoro. B-Girl Cypher
DJ Lean Rock (B-Girl Cypher, BC One Cypher, BC One After Party), DJ Skeme Richards (All-Styles Battle, BC One After Party). Dance Your Way party DJs: DJ Craze, Ape Drums, UNiiQU3, Chorizo Funk, Chicken George, Santa Muerte + House of Kenzo

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Red Bull BC One USA Camp