From the small town of Annonay, in Northern Ardeche, France, B-Boy Willy is a member of Tekken crew, and the Flying Steps Breaking team.

Inspired by seeing videos of Breakers from Korea and America, he started Breaking when he was 11 years old, and mostly loved practicing power moves and acrobatics. But when he met his crew, Tekken, he was motivated, by the way in which they danced, to also bring the foundations of top rock and footwork into his style and blend them into his breaking.

For Willy music is the most important thing. He loves to dance to let go and to allow the groove to guide him. Give him funk or good drums and his body will sometimes do things he didn't even plan, and this is what fuels his adrenaline in competitions. But even with that adrenaline, Willy always works to keeps himself calm and composed in a battle.

Through Breaking, Willy has been able to travel, and through that travel his dance has grown. He accredits all this to his crew, Tekken, who have guided and enlightened him to always improve his fundamentals.

The 2016 Red Bull BC One France Cypher winner, Willy is serious about his dance career and competing, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and even, from time to time, fasting a day before a competition.

Willy believes that in Breaking you have to always be yourself, no matter what other people may say or think about you. To him, having your own style is what matters.