B-Boy Victor

From Orlando, Florida, B-Boy Victor, is a member of Squadron crew, MF Kidz and the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

Victor was first taught breaking by his dad, who was also a B-Boy back in Mexico. His father taught him and his brothers and sisters from when Victor was six years old. Victor then stopped breaking for a few years until 2005, when he was 11, and his cousin got him back into the dance.

Since he started battling at the age of 14, Victor has gone on to win multiple solo competitions all around the world, including winning the 2012 Montreal Skill-O-Meter, the 2015 Hip OPsession, 2015 Silverback Open, 2015 Freestyle Session, the 2015 Red Bull BC One World Final, and the 2017 World B-Boy Series Undisputed solo competition.

Victor describes his style as fun, free, and energetic, and he combines what he calls "blow-ups" and "POW" moves to create a wow factor in his dance.

To him, a good dancer should be humble and "always keep learning and always think like a student," as he believes that there's no room for jealousy or ego, you should just do you and be positive.