Soso - Performance

At age 23, Soso already has his place among the B-Boys of the panorama. If he is well known for the shows and master classes that regularly run with his team, the young B-Boy is also more focused on fighting. With years of training and a handful of impressive wins behind him, he only competes to win.

After years of practicing judo, he began his walk in Breakdance in the 2000s, specializing in powerful moves while trying to craft his own personal touch and create his style.

With his first band, Fighting Spirit, he quickly became a field of local battles, before joining the Fusion Force, winning his first titles in prestigious battles: in 2005 in OIE and in 2007 in B-Boy France.

Nothing seems to stop this well-trained dancer, directing shows with everyone around the globe while facing solitary battles, among which are the OIE Tricks and the World of Trickonometry in 2009. After winning the selection French Red Bull BC A celebrated in Lyon in May 201. And the battle of the year of France a few weeks later, his inventive, elegant and powerful breakdance allowing him to attend the Moscow event with the mentality of a great winner.

And his movements are definitely the chosen field, the meticulous B-Boy leaves no stone unturned in terms of style, turning each of his dance shifts into dazzling performances.