Shigekix doing an airchair

From Osaka, Japan, B-Boy Shigekix (Nakari Shigeyuki) is a member of K.A.K.B crew and discovered breaking at the age of 7 years old through his older sister, B-Girl Ayane.

Inspired by the music, before becoming a B-Boy Shigekix was a just a free style dancer. Now, as a world class B-boy, he has absorbed and developed the Japanese style of having fast and
incredibly controlled power moves with the sudden, on beat, execution of solid freezes.
Skigekix also has a natural habit of doing some power moves with his eyes closed.

A defining moment in Shigekix's young career was winning the under 12s Baby Battle in 2014 at Chelles Battle Pro, in France. He missed out on being selected the year before but took that time to improve and get better, and then, when he was selected in 2014, he wanted to show how far his Breaking had come. Poetically, he battled American B-boy, Lil Demon, in the finals. Coming up as a young B-Boy, Shigekix had admired Lil Demon as another kid his age who was also working hard to improve. But he had lost to Demon 2 years prior at B-1 Saikyo Jam in Japan when Lil Demon was invited as a guest dancer. Shigekix saw that battle and lose as really helping him to grow, and at the 2014 Chelles competition, 2 years later, he was able to battle Lil Demon for the second time and beat him to take the win. Since then Shigekix has gone on to win the 2016 1on1 Nothing2Looz World Final Kids battle, the 2016 Hustle and Freeze solo battle, and the 2016 Marseille Battle Pro 1on1 Kids battle.

He credits his growth, improvement and development in B-Boying to all those who teamed up with him in battles, practiced with him and talked with him about Breaking. And he says that Breaking has changed his way of thinking and broadened his horizons.