United Kingdom

B-Girl Roxy doing a headspin

From London, UK, B-Girl Roxy is a member of the international women's crew Heartbreakerz.

Roxy comes from a musical family and started dancing with locking, following her brother, Brooke Milliner. She then started breaking in 2006, when she was around the age of 16, with her first teacher being B-Boy GG from La Família crew in London, and then her next teacher being DJ Renegade. But Roxy is mainly self-taught, having found her biggest inspirations through travelling the world for dance, and through all the people she has met and had around her in the process.

Flexible freezes, creative transitions, power, flips and a smile on her face, all make up Roxy's self-proclaimed "floppy potato" style of breaking. Even though she's achieved wins in many competitions, Roxy is always most proud of herself when she feels that she's done well, regardless of the outcome of the battle. She also cites her performance at Outbreak USA in 2011 as a particular highlight, even though she lost in the final.

For Roxy, breaking is something that'll never be out of her life, but she also has a lot of other things she wants to do, like starting a family.

Roxy also loves her cats, saying, "they don't call me crazy cat lady for nothing."