From San Paulo, Brazil, and a member of Killa Rockers crew, B-Boy Ratin started dancing at the age of 11 years old after joining a youth project which also had a dance group. After teaching himself how to break, Ratin became the B-boy of the group but when that project ended he danced on the streets and sidewalks until a local B-boy introduced him to the scene and culture. 

As a B-boy, Ratin is light on his feet and his style is a mix of stacking and combining freezes, while spinning or transitioning upside down through power moves. This is a style that has won him multi Breaking competitions in Brazil, including 1st place at the 2008 Sao Paolo National Tribus Festival, 1st place in the 2014 Red Bull BC One Brazil Cypher, and then, again, achieving 1st place in the 2015 Red Bull BC One Brazil Cypher. 

Hip hop and Breaking is Ratin's passion and he passes on the knowledge and skills he has learned through being a dance teacher in his community. 

He also believes that competitions, like Red Bull BC One, help the scene to grow and bring more opportunities to everyone in the culture. But he does feel strongly that it's also very important that all competitions should give everyone a fair chance to compete.

Ratin trains hard to keep his body in peek physical shape, having learned the importance of this, and he also wants to continue to gain experience through travelling. But in the end, after all the competitions and experiences, he wants to keep his crew together and grow old with them.

"My dream is that when we're old, we'll still be together, watching videos of what we've done in the past."