B-Boy Moy is a legend and pioneer on the B-Boy scene. From Houston, Texas (USA), he is a member of the legendary crew, Havikoro, and started breaking in 1995, inspired by a talent show in middle school.

For Moy, Breaking immediately became an important art to him, as it pulled him away from the negative situations in his life at the time, and captured his attention. Breaking became Moy's way to escape and 'Break Free,' and this impact the dance has had on his life has motivated him to give back to his community.

In 2011, Moy opened the 'Break Free' Hip Hop School with the mission to have a safe structured environment for individuals to be able to express themselves freely, and a place where the youth and young adults, can use Hip Hop to help them 'Break free' from things they might be dealing with at home, in school or at their jobs.

A husband and father who draws inspiration from his family, Moy is passionate about giving back to the culture and inspiring the youth. He believes that B-Boys need to be positive role models in the community for people to look up to.
Moy has had a long career, which includes winning the UK B-Boy Championships crew battle, taking the 2on2 win at the 2013 B-Boy Classic competition, and also being the 2010 Spy Award winner; a prestigious award named after the legendary B-Boy Spy and given out by the Rock Steady crew to B-Boys who they deem to have represented Breaking to its highest level of integrity.

In his Breaking style, Moy shows a powerful execution of dynamic movement, and just like his style, he has a powerful character and is determined to continue to promote and push a positive movement of progression and change in the B-Boy, Hip Hop community.