B-Girl Mess

Born in the city of Ryazan in Russia, B-Girl Mess started breaking at the age of 15, falling in love with the dance when she saw the famous Flying Steps crew in a music video. At the time she was looking for a unique form of art to become passionate about and she immediately knew it would be breaking.

Wanting to be dynamic and swift like a ninja when she breaks, Mess's style is influenced by martial arts and a lot of Russian and Ukrainian B-Boys. 

In Mess's breaking career her top achievements are reaching the finals in the Hip Opsession Bonnie and Clyde battle, winning the 2v2 jam at Bali Island with her boyfriend, and being selected as one of the 16 B-Girls to battle at the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World championship competition.

Mess feels that breaking is the supreme form of art and it's fully captured her interest and passion. She says that, "In this movement I will never get bored, because I know that I will be always a student here and there is always so much to learn and to create if your mind is open."