South Africa

B-Boy Meaty

Meet the winner of South Africa Cypher 2018

When did you start dancing?
Started dancing back at home on the Park by seeing other cats doing this and by seeing it at first site on the park I fell in love towards it immediately.

Do you have a mentor? Who inspires you in breaking and why?
I don't have one particular mentor, I always try and have an open mind and learn from those around me. Everyone always has something to teach. However Bboy Focus from FlowMo Crew has a unique style of footwork which I totally love. Bboy Victor(BCONE 2015 Champ) I totally love his style of dance too it kinda resembles that old school style but mixed with much more of a modern taste and flavor.

Describe your breaking style. What's your signature move (name and description)?
I try and be much of an all rounder as much as possible. To stay in the four elements of breaking and not to be over focused on one element. I feel my style of dance is my signature move which in essence brings out the flavor within me.

How did you get your B-Boy name?
It's simple my name is Dmitri and I got nicknamed Meaty and I just stuck to it, didn't wanne be associated with too many names.

Can you describe the local Hip Hop/B-Boy scene in your country? Does your crew have its own training spot?
The bboy scene, it's growing and has lots of potential, of course it can grow ten fold but due to the slow progression with lack of competitions which create a spike in breaking and slowly decline when there's nothing happening for some time, but I feel as a breaker for years that should discourage anyone who wants to take on this art form, those are the times you go back to the drawing board, however some come and go which I myself have witnessed over the years though... the scene is steadily growing, slowly but surely...

Yea we got spots, in different areas, we don't have a professional studio out and out but we hire at times or practice in the backyard...

Have you overcome any obstacles in breaking? (professional, personal, artistic).
I mean breaking has taught me lots of life lessons on so many scales, personally , professionally, artistically. In such a manner that it has shaped my character, created my perception of reality, given me a conscious state and pushed me to be more and strive towards progressive thinking.

What does breaking represent to you (e.g. a sport, a lifestyle, etc.)?
It represents a lifestyle, I consider it a sport and I see myself as an athlete as well.

How do you prepare for a competition like Red Bull BC One?
Preparing for BCONE would be the mirror image of how an athlete trains for the Olympics. It would revolve around a strict dietary plan, intense training program and practice... After all one can only do so much, the rest hangs purely in the balance of being in the moment.

Have you participated in a Red Bull BC One event(s) before. If so, which ones (country and year).
No I haven't, other than qualifiers in South Africa.

Looking at your overall dance career, what are you the most proud of?
I'm most proud of the fact that I could see the world or Europe on so many occasions, importantly meet different people from so many diverse backgrounds that have one thought in common across the world breaking, meeting them create that sense of family and happiness... there's just so much to be thankful for...

What is your battle strategy to claim the spot at the Last Chance Cypher?
My strategy, honestly, is just to dance, express myself to the music. Have fun, it makes me happy so I'll cypher like it's my last chance.

What are your strengths?
My strengths is that The mere fact that I can think, makes me dangerous.

Anything we should know about you
About me, mmmm... haha I can't fathom any words around me, gosh... I'd say I'm an ambivert!!!