Lussy Sky


From Ukraine, B-Boy Lussy Sky (Oleksandr Gatyn-lozynskyi) is a member of Navi crew and started breaking in 2006. Within 3 years he fell in love with the Breaking, Hip hop lifestyle and culture so much that he quit college to devote all his time to becoming a world class B-Boy.

Not everyone in Lussy Sky's family was supportive of his decision to stop studying to break full time but he went on to start competing in 2009 and then in 2012 he battled for the first time outside his country in a European competition. Since then he has won a ton of competitions, solo wise and with his crew, including the 2017 3on3 Floor Wars competition in Denmark, the 2016 World B-Boy Classic 2on2 competition in Holland, the 2016 1on1 Bomb Jam in China, and the 2017 Toulouse Battle Pro solo competition in France.
With his crew being his biggest inspiration, Lussy Sky has developed a breaking style that he describes as being built on footwork in combination with speed and musicality, as well as being fascinating and addictive, like the story behind his name that Lussy Sky tells. His says that his name comes from the Beatles song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," and informs people that it is speculated that the first letter of each of the title nouns of that song intentionally spell out LSD, but Lennon, himself, insisted that the song's fantastical imagery was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

And, just like his fascinating style on the dance floor, Lussy also has a deeper, fascinating connection to music, as he is someone who has trained in the art of opera singing.

Lussy Sky also believes that only through constant travel and worldwide battling can a B-Boy keep on top of his game and have the right mindset to win. And with this mentality he approaches every battle like it was the final.

Lussy lives and breathes Breaking and Hip Hop, and for him it is the best lifestyle a man can have.