B-Boy Luka

From São Paulo, Brazil, B-Boy Luka is a member of the Tsunami All-stars crew.

He started breaking in 2006 at the age of 12 when he saw a TV announcement for the Red Bull BC One competition in São Paulo. At the time he was unable to go, so later he watched videos of the event at a local internet cafe and noticed that breaking was similar to Capoeira, which he had practised since the age of four.

Luka says, "I was inspired by the attitude and the moves. I asked my dad for money to buy the 2005 BC One DVD which I found in a store in São Paulo. Then I started to teach myself some of the moves by watching the DVD over and over again. I just copied the stuff that the B-Boys were doing. That's how the journey started."

Luka's number-one inspiration was his mentor and crew member B-Boy Kokada, who passed away in 2012. Kokada taught him discipline, how he needed to train if he wanted to be the best and helped to open his mind.

Luka calls his way of breaking a "Beast" style that's "aggressive with a lot of character and unpredictable combos," mixing the foundations of breaking with explosive tricks, power and flips.

Breaking is Luka's passion, through which he has been able to build a career and support his family – who are the most important thing to him.

Constantly inspired by the world around him, Luka is also into acting, producing short films and music, and believes that, "it's very important to always keep your mind open and be creative."