Lil Zoo


Fouad (Lil Zoo) Ambelj

From Casablanca, Morocco, B-Boy Lil Zoo (Foad Ambelej) is a member of L'Hiba Kingzoo, and also The Royal Team crew.
He started breaking in 2008 with the local kids in his neighborhood, and was taught by a member of his crew, B-Boy Yoriyas, at late night training session that both of them attended.

The teacher and student have battled against each other on a number of occasions, one of them being in 2012 in the finals of the a Red Bull BC one Morocco Cypher, in which Lil Zoo came out the winner.
A super fast and energetic B-Boy who is always smiling when on the dance floor, Lil Zoo's style is a creative blend of explosive power combinations, dynamic freezes, and crazy acrobatic moves that he pulls off to the music.

Lil Zoo is also the first three-time winner of a Red Bull BC One Cypher qualifier, having won the Middle East Africa qualifier in 2012, (after only after 4 years of dancing), 2013 and 2015.