Lil Kev


B-Boy Lil Kev

From France, B-Boy Lil Kev is a member of Vagabonds crew and started breaking around 2000 or 2001 when he was eight or nine years old old.

Lil Kev started breaking in dance classes, but then one summer he met one of the founders of Phase T crew. After a year he became a member and the youngest French breaker in an international crew. Lil Kev found inspiration in the African vibe of Phase T crew and they also showed him tapes of breaking in America.

His style is filled with extremely difficult moves, tricks and power combinations, and he's been a finalist at the 2016 France Red Bull BC One cypher and has won competitions with his crew, including Battle of the Year 2011, Toulouse Battle Pro 2017 and BBIC 2017.

Lil Kev loves to battle and enjoys the whole environment of it, but he would also like to help the young kids he knows with their future.