Lil G


Lil G in Egypt

When dancing, Lil G's focus is threefold: power, style, and rhythm. Known for his intricate, original power moves and transitions, the dancer brings with him an extreme confidence that makes the most difficult moves look effortless.

Born Gibrahimer Beomont, he began B-Boying at the age of 11, inspired by watching Venezuelan B-Boys Shadow and Cannon perform. He was given the name Lil G by his crew, Speedy Angels Family.

Lil G has competed in five Red Bull BC One World Finals. He has grown a global fan base of B-Boys who respect him for pushing foundation moves unlike anyone else. He's also taken home international titles at Chelles Battle Pro, 8 One Power Moves and SDK Europa.

While not initially enthused about his non-traditional career choice to be a professional B-Boy, Lil G's family members were eventually won over as they realized the time, energy and passion that he dedicated to the art. Today, they are very proud of him and respect him for his achievements. When Lil G traveled with his crew, they presented themselves as his legal family, since he was underage and not permitted to travel alone.

The exchange of cultures, styles and knowledge at B-Boy battles are what Lil G enjoys the most about his lifestyle. He considers everything that he's doing and has been through as highlights in his career including training, battling, performing and learning from other B-Boys in his crew. B-Boy Storm (Germany) and Salah (France), are his greatest influences. He feels that, "They live and fight for the love of B-Boying."

The Hip Hop scene in South America is still developing, Venezuela has several graffiti writers and many rappers. There are also occasional parties and underground battles. The battles are called "underground battles," because in Venezuela B-Boy battles are organized by B-Boys, or crews, without any support from sponsors or government. They are promoted word of mouth. A fee is collected from the participating dancers, and from this money the expenses and the prize money are covered.

Lil G describes his battle strategy as: "First be smart. Then go and bring the other B-Boy into your game!" His own rules for conduct while battling include never yelling at or touching his opponent, never biting the moves of other dancers and not getting in the middle of another B-Boy's set when it's not his turn.

"If you want to get anywhere with B-Boying, you need to travel and you need to work extremely hard. I sometimes sleep on floors, often don't get much sleep, and now and then there isn't any time to eat," he says. "But I learned a lot on my journey."

When asked if being in the Red Bull BC One changed anything in his life, he answers: "It changed everything! Red Bull BC One gave me confidence in my life as an artist. In Venezuela, a B-Boy isn't seen as an artist. He's somebody from the street."

Being a part of Red Bull BC One has allowed Lil G to be the artist he always wanted to be and gave him a successful career path for which he works quite hard. "If it wasn't for the Red Bull BC One, I would still be drifting and living from one day to the next. Now I have a goal and a future," he adds.