Killa Kolya


Nikolay, aka Killa Kolya, of Kazakhstan's Simple System crew is a well-rounded B-Boy. He's experienced in all elements of dance, but also likes to create new moves, giving him a both a competitive edge and a means to keep his dance fresh and original.

The first time he saw breaking was on TV, but he really became interested in the dance when he saw his brother breaking in 2002. It was then that Killa Kolya decided to follow in his footsteps. As for many others B-Boys, his first idols were Crumbs and Benji. Now that he has more experience, he gets his inspiration from his surroundings and the music, also himself and not so much from other B-Boys anymore.

B-Boying is a lifestyle and a way to make a living for the B-Boy from Astana. "I will always be dancing," he says. I might do other things to earn a living in the future, but I'll always be a B-Boy."

Killa Kolya's focus is on his dance, traveling the world, earning respect and getting his name out in the B-Boy community. He has a lot of energy and wants to make new friends and great memories. He's also interested in DJing.

His family didn't take the whole breaking thing too seriously in the beginning, but Killa Kolya stuck to it and now that they see the results and understand that it's his life and career choice, they give him full support.