Korea, South

B-Boy KILL is a skilled and confident dancer. When it comes to power moves, the member of the famous Korean crew Gamblerz has one of the highest levels of difficulty on the breaking scene, able to pull off extremely hard power combinations that really only he can do. He doesn't get nervous in shows anymore. It's a whole other bargain in battles though. He's totally anxious when he watches his opponent throw down, he just wants to go out and throw down.

When In Soo was 14 years old, well-known B-Boy King So, who realized his potential early on, took him to the C.A.Y. Crew Studio in Ulsan, where he was able to watch King So and The End practice, which really impressed him. He thought the older guys were totally cool, but what really made him want to dance was the music that absolutely got him hooked. King So took him under his wing and KILL started practicing with the C.A.Y. Crew. He watched, listened, practiced, and was largely inspired by them, especially by King So and The End. King So was also the one who came up with his B-Boy name because he felt that the kid "killed" the other dancers with his moves.

KILL was born in Ulsan, the industrial powerhouse of South Korea and growing up, learned about the Hip Hop culture. To KILL, B-Boying is about love and respect. "A good B-Boy is someone who loves to dance and how other people dance and knows what he wants from life and works for it. You have to become a good person before you can become a good B-Boy!"