Kid Colombia


Kid Colombia is flying

Residing in the Netherlands, B-Boy Kid Colombia is a member of the Hustle Kidz crew.

Originally from Colombia, B-Boy Kid Colombia was adopted at the age of three by a Dutch couple and started breaking when he was seven years old after he saw the movie, Stomp The Yard, on TV. He started out with hip-hop dance classes but fell in love with breaking when he found a teacher and started learning his first moves.

Kid Colombia's daring power moves and explosive style of breaking have helped him numerous events, such as the 2014 Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher, the 2014 Eurobattle power moves competition, and the 2013 Spin Off 1vs1 solo battle.

Constantly working to be better every day so he can achieve his life goals, Kid Colombia wants to keep growing, improving and dancing because he loves it.