B-Girl Kastet

From Krasnodar, Russia, B-Girl Kastet, whose name means 'Brass Knuckles' in English, is a member of 3:16 Crew and started breaking in the autumn of 2010, at the age of 12.

Going from latin dances to judo before finally finding breaking, Kastet learned the dance from her crew, especially members B-Boy Marvel, and, her husband, B-Boy Jerry Metal.

Also inspired by breakers such as Kmel, Machine, Remind and Rockadile, when Kastet dances she tries to use her whole body, and believes that it's very important to allow your soul to shine out through your dance.

Having won competitions like the Combonathion 7 2v2 B-Girl battle, the Combonathion 9 1v1 B-Girl battle and the 2018 Russian Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier, Kastet also studies as an artist at university and sees her future in breaking and art.

Outside of breaking, Jesus Christ, her husband, family and friends are what are most important and inspiring to Kastet.