Dany Dann


Aged 24, this Guyana-born B-Boy started dancing as a child, managing to combine style and technique. As a member of several crews (Boogie West, 97X and Phase T.), he won many victories (Footzbeul, Unvsti ...). And even if he'€™s used to team battles, he remains a serious opponent in the one-to-one thing, as he recently showcased by winning Battle of the Year in 2012. A major asset in a championship like the Red Bull BC One.

B-Boys Dany and Skychief battle at the 2014 Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final.

Thousands of fans gathered at La Cigale in Paris to witness some spectacular B-boy action as the top 16 B-boys of France competed for a spot at the Western European Finals in Helsinki, Finland. Check out the battle between Noé and Dany as they duke it out in the FINAL ROUND!