Alkolil is known for his high level of power move based combinations, in which he brings an extremely difficult and explosive style to the dance floor. In his 15th year of dance career, the Russian dancer and B-Boying coach doesn't get nervous anymore with battles, as he has enough experience and self-confidence.

Alkolil, formerly known as ExacT, is a highly experienced B-Boy from O.B.C. Crew. In 2002, he first saw B-Boying in his hometown of Berezovskiy, in Siberia. At first, his parents didn't appreciate his hobby, but when B-Boying became his job and gave him independence, they changed their mind.
He remembers that Red Bull BC One All Stars Lilou and Hong 10 were the B-Boys who inspired him through his entire career. Battles don't make him nervous anymore, as he feels has enough experience and self-confidence.

Alkolil teaches B-Boying at the RaySky school and hopes that he will continue doing it forever. The most important thing in B-Boying are the basics, according to Alkolil. "You should be excellent at basic elements, then you will be able to develop them. To become the best B-Boy, you need to be dynamic, precise and the beauty of moves will come to you together with experience".