Who's Your Pick to Win Out of the 8 BC One Finalists Revealed so Far?

Now that we have revealed 8 of the selected B-Boys who will compete at the BC One finals in Amsterdam in November, here is info about them to help you make your pick

We have:

The Dutch B-Boy Menno, who will be battling in his home country. Menno has won just about every major solo breaking competition on the planet, including being the 2014 Red Bull BC One finals champion, the two time Battle of the Year solo champion, and the 2013UK B-Boy solo champion. A member of the Hustle Kidz crew and one of the BC One All-Stars, Menno is probably the most original Breaker in the line up so far, which is what has always made him so hard to beat.

From Japan is the defending 2016 Red Bull BC One Finals champion, B-Boy Issei! Representing FoundNation crew, no breaker got to more big competition finals last year than Issei, plus he ended 2016 as the top ranked B-Boy in the world, on the Undisputed World B-Boy Series rankings table. Win or lose, Issei has made a habit of always being in the final battle.

Representing Knuckleheads Cali and Massive Monkees crew is B-Boy Thesis, from the USA. Thesis only really entered two major competitions in 2016 but he won both of them! The first one was the Silverback Open, which he won for the second time. The second was the Undisputed World B-Boy Masters final in Prague. Plus, not only did Thesis win those two major competitions but he battled and defeated number one ranked, B-Boy Issei, in the finals of both of them. It's going to go off if Thesis and Issei meet on that circular Red Bull stage in November, especially if it's in the final battle again.

Coming out of Ukraine is B-Boy Lussy Sky, who right now is ranked number two in the world on the Undisputed World B-Boy Series table, and has already qualified for the 2017 Undisputed World finals by winning the Battle Pro solo competition. Lussy Sky and his breaking partner Druid just lost to Menno and his partner, Shane, in the finals of the World B-Boy Classic competition in Holland.  We wonder who's going to win if, with no partners and no routines, LussySky and Menno face off at the BC One World Finals?

Also from Japan, representing K.A.K.B crew, is the youngest breaker in the lineup, 15-year old B-Boy Shigekix. If Shigekix can win he will make history as the youngest Breaker to ever win the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

From France, representing Flying Steps and Tekken crew, is B-Boy Willy. Willy has enough style and power that if he decides to throw everything at someone in the first round, just to make a statement, one of the more experienced competitors could be going home early.

Returning to the Red Bull BC One World finals is Moroccan B-Boy, Lil Zoo. In 2015 Lil Zoo made it to the semi finals before losing to the overall winner of that year, B-Boy Victor. But Lil Zoo is definitely one of the most experienced B-Boys on that stage and has all the moves in the world to cause the rest of the line up a lot of problems.

Lastly, from South Korea, representing Gamblerz and Cay crew, is B-Boy Kill. When it comes to having a high level of dynamic power moves Kill is by far one of the best in the world, and has also qualified for the Undisputed World finals by winning the 2017 Unbreakable solo competition. Kill is definitely one to look out for this year.

Those are the 8 revealed so far who will compete at the Red Bull BC One Finals in November.

Who is your pick to win out of those 8? Or do you have a few guesses as to whom else will join the line up and maybe become your favourite to win?

Written by Emmanuel Adelekun