So, all 15 world finalists have now been revealed. We already introduced you to the first 8; 2014 Red Bull World Finals champion, Menno. The defending 2016 Red Bull World Finals champion, Issei. B-Boys Thesis and Lussy Sky, who have been tearing up competitions all over the world in the past year. The young guns, B-Boy Willy and Shigekix. Plus the powerhouse, Kill, and the experienced, Lil Zoo.

Now, we have the final 7 added into the mix:

Straight out of Houston Texas, USA, from the legendary Havikoro crew, is B-Boy Moy. He is already a pioneer and legend on the scene, with probably the most experience when it comes to years in the game. Moy never slows down or seems to get tired, having the fitness, stamina, and definitely the breaking ability, to go the 14 rounds that it takes to win the World Finals.

From Japan is not only one of the best B-Girls in the world but also, hands down, one of the best Breakers on the scene, regardless of gender; B-Girl Ayumi. Representing Body Carnival crew, Ayumi will make history as the first B-Girl to compete in the Red Bull BC One World Finals, and after already competing in the 2017 Battle of the Year solo competition, and recently winning the 2on2 battle at Outbreak Europe 2017 with B-Boy Thesis, for sure Ayumi is ready to represent the B-Girls on the BC One Finals stage.

With the next three B-boys we have two of whom who will step on the BC One World Finals stage for the very first time, and one for the second time, with all of them having the skills to cause problems for all the other competitors:

From Brazil, representing Killa Rockers crew, is B-Boy, Ratin. A multiple time Latin America Red Bull Cypher winner who has competed on big stages like IBE, and at Outbreak. This will be Ratin's second time on the World Finals stage and his upside down, power move spinning, freeze stacking style could easily knock someone out early.

Second is B-Boy Dany from France. A member of one of the highest level crews to ever come out of France, Vagabonds crew, Dany has absolutely no reason to hold back, as he has nothing to lose and everything to gain if he takes out any of the experienced favourites or former champions..

And third is the second home country, Dutch B-Boy in the competition, B-Boy Shane. Also a member of the same crew as B-Boy Menno, The Hustle Kidz, Shane has stepped up his game massively in the past 2/3 years, competing and winning on some of the biggest stages on the scene, and recently winning the 2on2 World B-Boy Classic competition with his crew member, Menno. Could it be an all Dutch final?

Lastly are two of the highest levels B-Boys on the scene:

From South Korea, the 2008 Red Bull BC One Champion, representing the world famous Jinjo Crew, the international 7 Commandos crew, and also a member of the Red Bull BC One All-Stars is B-Boy Wing. Wing's long list of wins easily makes him one of the favorites, and he is also the third finalist in the line up to have previously won a Red Bull World Final. Only Lilou and Hong 10 have won the World Finals twice so Wing has a chance to join them in the history books, but so does he fellow All-Stars, Menno and Issei.

And lastly, from Russia, representing O.B.C crew, is B-Boy Akolil. Out of the 15 finalist B-Boy Kill probably has the highest level of difficulty when it comes to power moves but Akolil probably has the highest level of difficulty when it comes to the dynamic level of combinations a B-Boy pull off. Everything Akolil does is extremely hard, and the only thing that ever really stops him is the stamina needed to do his moves in back to back rounds. But he's been on that stage before, and many other big competition ones, so he definitely now has the experience to know what it takes to win.

Those are your last 7 finalists that complete the 15 Breakers who will compete in the 2017 Red Bull BC One World Finals, in November in Amsterdam. Plus there will be one more from the Red Bull Cypher winners from around the world, who will all compete in the Last Chance Cypher for the 16th spot.

So now, who's your pick to win?

Written by Emmanuel Adelekun